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Employer’s Attorney Held Liable for Retaliation against Worker

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

Attorneys are rarely held personally responsible for the unethical or illegal decisions of their clients, even if the attorneys arguably help to carry out that unethical conduct. It is a very rare occasion when an attorney is held responsible financially or criminally for the acts of their clients. In a ruling that has come… Read More »

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California Court Explains State’s “Day of Rest” Requirements

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

If you’re a California worker or employer and your company is open seven days a week, you know that workers have a right to a day of rest each week. However, the point at which a worker becomes entitled to a day of rest when that worker might be scheduled to work on any… Read More »

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Proposed Law Could Put California in Difficult Position on Immigration Questions

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

A new bill that would govern the actions of California employers is currently before California state legislators. The bill would prohibit employers across the state from disclosing certain immigration status-revealing records upon request by a federal government agency. Learn more about the potential law below, and contact a seasoned California labor and employment attorney… Read More »

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New California Law Changes Employer Obligations on Use of Applicant’s Criminal Background

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

This week, the California Office of Administrative Law announced new rules that will govern how California employers may use information on a job applicant’s criminal history when making hiring decisions. The new regulations are slated to take effect on July 1, 2017, and employers are advised to begin planning now regarding how they will… Read More »

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Uber Beset by Claims of Gender Discrimination and Harassment

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

Ride-sharing app Uber has long struggled with its reputation for treating its drivers poorly. According to new reports from its corporate staff, the Silicon Valley giant also fails to provide its full-time employees with safe and equal treatment on the job. Accounts of the harassment and unfair treatment faced by Uber employees began to… Read More »

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Disabled California Workers and the Interactive Process

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) prevents employers from discriminating against workers based on a “physical disability, mental disability, [or] medical condition,” among other characteristics. FEHA and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) both require that employers provide “reasonable accommodations” to qualified employees with a disability, provided that the employer doesn’t suffer an… Read More »

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California Employers Must Provide Breaks that are Free from Work

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

Non-exempt California employees are entitled to one ten-minute rest break for each four hours worked, and employees who are denied these rest breaks are entitled to an hour’s worth of pay at the employee’s regular rate. There has long been disagreement among employers and courts in California as to whether or not a rest… Read More »

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New Overtime Regulation Stayed by Federal Judge

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

The Department of Labor changed the minimum salary for an employee to be classified as exempt under federal law. Under the change, to be paid a salary, an employee would have to earn over $913 per week ($22.83/hour). Many California employers spent recent months preparing themselves for the change to the salary requirements to… Read More »


Host of New Employment Laws Entering Into Effect

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

The California State Legislature was busy during the 2015-2016 session, considering and passing bills that will have a big impact on employment in California. Below, you’ll find a quick summary of the new laws that will have a significant impact on employees and employers statewide, as well as changes that will affect Bay Area… Read More »


Gov. Brown Signs Law Expanding Fair Pay Act to Include Race & Ethnicity

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed two pieces of legislation which will increase the legal protections of employees in California: SB 1063, designed to prevent race-based disparities in pay, and AB 1676, which amends the Labor Code to include that “prior salary shall not, by itself, justify any disparity in compensation.” Both updates will… Read More »

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