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Rand L. Stephens & Richard Koss
Bay Area Employment Lawyers

Advising Employees and Employers on
Employment Discrimination, Whistleblowing
and Harassment Matters

Age Discrimination

Workers Over 40 Must Be Treated on an
Equal Footing with Younger Workers

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Disability Discrimination

The ADA Protects Workers Who Have or Are
Perceived as Having a Disability

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Gender Discrimination

Treating a Worker Unfavorably Because of
Sex or Gender is Against the Law

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Pregnancy Discrimination

State and Federal Laws Protect the Rights
of Pregnant Women in the Workplace

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Religious Discrimination

Title VII Protects Workers from Harassment
Based on Their Religious Beliefs

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Racial Discrimination

Applicants and employees can fight racial
discrimination at the EEOC, DFEH, or in
state and federal courts

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Workplace Retaliation

Workers cannot be transferred, demoted
or fired for making a complaint about
discrimination or unlawful business practices or exercising their rights

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San Francisco Employment Discrimination Lawyers Serving the Bay Area

If you’ve been discriminated against or treated unfairly at work, you know how important it is to have the right employment discrimination attorneys in the San Francisco area working for you. Richard Koss Bay Area Employment Lawyers protect and defend the rights of both employers and employees and seek solutions to workplace disputes. We aggressively prosecute California age discrimination, sex discrimination, disability discrimination and race discrimination lawsuits. We also represent clients in breach of contract, tort, defamation and whistleblowing cases.

Experienced Attorneys Focusing Exclusively on Employment Law

Richard Koss Bay Area Employment Lawyers concentrate exclusively on California employment discrimination law. Attorney Rand L. Stephens has been a trial lawyer for 40 years and Richard Koss has 15 years of experience handling and trying discrimination and other employment cases. These years of experience litigating sexual harassment, wrongful termination. retaliation and employment discrimination cases, including age, race, sex and disability discrimination are very important in this highly technical and difficult area of the law.

Mr. Stephens was one of the first lawyers to focus on California employment discrimination law in Contra Costa County and has been an adjunct professor at San Francisco Law School for over 20 years, teaching discrimination in employment for the past ten years. Mr. Stephens is also a certified mediator and serves on alternative dispute resolution panels for the Contra Costa County and the Alameda County Superior Courts.

Mr. Koss has himself been a successful President and CEO of a business in addition to his several years practicing employment law. He understands the challenges that small and medium size business face in today’s litigious society. Either attorney can help you negotiate employment and discrimination conflicts and vigorously represent you in California state and federal courts.

Bay Area Employment lawyers Rand L. Stephens and Richard Koss are not a law firm or association and each has their own individual practice. Attorneys Stephens and Koss are aggressive trial attorneys who provide an inviting, warm and reassuring environment of collaboration and understanding. Each is a hardworking dedicated advocate with one goal in mind: protecting and caring for the vulnerable and resolving employment disputes and discrimination in California.

Contact an Experienced Employment Discrimination Attorney in Northern California

If you have experienced employment discrimination of any kind or have been treated unfairly at work in violation of state or federal law or company policy, the employment discrimination lawyers at Richard Koss are here to fight for your rights. Whether employee or employer, we will zealously defend you and vindicate your legal rights. Take action and call or email us today for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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