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Rand L. Stephens & Richard Koss

In The News

Subpar Performance by Probationary Employee Permits Dismissal after Medical Leave by Maureen Rubin, J.D.| Oct 22, 2021
In an article reporting on a recent California employment disability discrimination case, Richard Koss comments on what it takes to prove whether the employer had a discriminatory motive for termination.

Pharma Co. Eli Lilly Hiring Practices Favor Millennials in Class Action Lawsuit by Nadia El-Yaouti| Sep 16, 2021
Attorney Richard Koss was interviewed for an article discussing a class-action lawsuit filed against pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Co. for age discrimination. Mr. Koss described what illegal age discrimination looks like in the workplace and also discussed legal issues such as punitive damages and the difficulty of obtaining class certification in a class-action lawsuit.

After a Six-Year Legal Battle, Walmart Must Pay $125 Million in Damages to Woman Fired With Down Syndrome by Diane Lilli | Aug 04, 2021
In this news piece, Richard Koss gives his insights on one of the highest jury awards at $125 million in the EEOC’s history for a single victim. The lawsuit is against Walmart.

The Long and Winding Road That Turned California Rideshare Drivers Into Independent Contractors by Alan Barlow, J.D. | Apr 01, 2021
Richard Koss was featured in an article regarding the decision of California voters in Prop 22 that classifies rideshare and delivery drivers as independent contractors and not employees.

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