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Coronavirus Paid Leave Requirements in California

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

As many businesses face significant losses and the economy struggles due to the coronavirus pandemic, many individual employees find themselves unable to go to work either due to active sickness or out of caution to avoid exposure and viral spread. The federal government has been moving slowly but surely towards protecting workers and businesses… Read More »

Lawyer is holding Disability Discrimination Act DDA.

What Are My Rights as a Disabled Person in California?

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

California state and federal laws grant protections for disabled workers. Disabled workers have the right to be free from discrimination, unequal treatment, or improper termination. Read on for an explanation of your rights as a disabled worker in California, and call a knowledgeable California disability discrimination lawyer with any questions or for help with… Read More »

Working during pregnancy

Working While Pregnant in California – What Are My Rights?

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

As a woman working at a company in California today, you have the right to be free from discrimination based on your gender, sex, or sexual orientation. Unlike years past, pregnancy no longer means the end of your job or your career. California law protects you from unequal treatment based on your pregnancy status… Read More »

Concept harassment. Afraid young woman sit at table. Harrasment goes out of her boss. He keep hand on her shoulder. Guy wat to have sex with model.

What Are My Rights Concerning Co-Worker Harassment

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

California law protects workers from discrimination or harassment in the workplace. While many illegal behaviors from come above, such as termination, denial of a promotion, or discriminatory behavior based on protected characteristics by a supervisor, many forms of discrimination and harassment may be conducted by co-workers at your own level. Your employer is responsible… Read More »

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Types of Workplace Retaliation

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

California state and federal laws protect California workers against harassment and discrimination in the workplace. These laws also prohibit employers from striking back against employees for exercising their legal rights, such as by terminating them for reporting harassment or discrimination in the workplace. Termination is just one form of workplace retaliation. See below for… Read More »

Word cloud for At-will employment

Is California an At-Will Employment State? What Does That Mean?

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

Most people have heard the phrase “at-will employment” or have been told that they are an “at-will employee.” Many people are, however, unsure of the exact meaning of the phrase. Does at-will employment mean that an employee can be terminated at any time for any reason? Are there no restrictions on how, when, and… Read More »

Disability Leave written on the keyboard button

Can I be Fired while on Leave for Disability?

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

California is an “at-will” employment state, meaning that employers can fire their workers for just about any reason or no reason at all. California does, however, protect employees from being terminated based on a legally-protected status (such as race, gender, age, etc.) or for exercising a legally-protected right such as reporting harassment or discrimination…. Read More »

Insurance agent and disabled customer singing contract

San Francisco Family and Medical Leave Lawyer Serving the Bay Area

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

Sometimes workers need to take a leave of absence for unforeseen circumstances. California state law and federal law both guarantee workers the right to take leave from employment for certain medical conditions and to care for newborn children. While U.S. paternity, maternity, and medical leave laws lag far behind many other western democracies, California… Read More »

Business Men Group Discussion Meeting Using Tablet Computer, Businessmen Community Together, Businesswoman Stand Aside Concept Gender Women Rights Discrimination

How to File a Discrimination Claim in California

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

California is a state that has dedicated itself to rooting out and eliminating workplace discrimination. California has very strong anti-discrimination laws and an established process for bringing workplace discrimination claims. However, discrimination is still all-too-common; California’s state agency tasked with fielding discrimination complaints reported nearly 25,000 discrimination complaints filed by California workers in 2017… Read More »

termination of employment on computer

Most Common Illegal Reasons to be Fired From Work in California

By Bay Area Employment Lawyers |

California law protects workers, dictating how, when, and under what circumstances an employee may legally be fired, laid off, let go, or otherwise terminated. Even with at-will employment, companies are not permitted to discriminate or retaliate against workers for improper reasons. Wrongful termination arises when an employer fires a worker in violation of a… Read More »

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