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Rand L. Stephens & Richard Koss

San Francisco Employment Contract Lawyer Serving the Bay Area

Bay Area Employment Lawyers Rand L. Stephens and Richard Koss have extensive experience representing workers in California employment contract law cases. With over 33 years of combined experience litigating California employment contract cases in state and federal courts, attorneys Rand L. Stephens and Richard Koss will work tirelessly to defend your rights.

California Employment Contract Law

California employment contracts establish the terms or conditions of employment between an employer and an employee. Employment contracts are enforceable agreements between two parties and may be oral or written, express or implied. Employment contracts can also be conditional; if the conditions are not met, a final contract may not be formed. And if there is mistake, misunderstanding or fraud, a contract is never formed. Employment contracts may include confidentiality or invention agreements which are usually binding on the employment relationship between the employer and employee, or non-compete clauses, which may or may not be binding under California non-compete law. But even well-drafted employment contracts can fail, as both employers and employees often violate the terms of their agreements and breach the contract.

Rand L. Stephens and Richard Koss have significant experience in the negotiation and drafting of employment contracts that clearly set forth the obligations of the employer and expectations of the employee. When a dispute arises involving an employment contract, our employment attorneys use this experience to our client’s advantage, advising our clients regarding the provisions and enforceability of the contract, protecting our client’s rights under the contract and vigorously advocating on behalf of our client before the court.

California At-Will Employment Agreement

In California, unless there is a contract (written, oral or implied) affecting the employment relationship between employer and employee it is generally not contractual, but “at-will”. A California at-will employment agreement usually means that either the employer or the employee may end the employment at any time and for almost any reason, or no reason at all, with or without prior notice to the other. However, a California employer may not fire an employee based on discrimination, retaliation or harassment. And California “at-will” employees have protection against unfair and unlawful employment practices, including unreasonable employer demands, some cases of search and seizure, health and safety or privacy concerns.

Call an Experienced Employment Contract Attorney in California Today

If you are a California employer, call us and ascertain your rights to protect your company and your property, legally and safely.

If you were wrongfully terminated, you may have a legal claim against your employer even if you were an “at-will” employee without an employment contract. Contact Rand L. Stephens and Richard Koss to speak with an experienced California employment contract lawyer today.

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